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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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this was taken on the night of the shooting and this video has been recovered and much of the massacre was reportedly captured on video. it will not be released, but we know that the video does exist. it could help authorities answer some of the lingering questions in that investigation. more on that in the next hour. that's going to do it for me this hour. i'll see you back here on "nbc nightly news," 6:30 p.m. eastern time on sunday night, and now, time for the road warriors. >> the major political tasks that together we face in the next five months is to make certain that donald trump is the defeated and defeated badly. >> and i said, that's only because of me, it is. it's only because of me. it's only because of me. it's only because of me. >> and the last thing i would do is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscience. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved
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a single life in orlando. ♪ ♪ and good friday afternoon, everyone. welcome to "road warriors." i'm kristen welker joined by my fellow road warriors, katy, kasie and steve kornacki. and hallie jackson is on the road and we'll go to her in just a second. this has been a very business political week, and of course the top story, we want to begin there. donald trump struggling to get his campaign on solid footing, struggling to solidify the gop. secretary clinton has her own challenges, because bernie sanders, still in this race. let's start with donald trump and bring in hallie jackson from woodlands, texas. i think the headline here is that donald trump is campaigning in a reliably red state. he's not in a battleground state. what is the campaign saying
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about all the controversy swirling around right now. >> reporter: first of all, why is he here in texas for the second day in a row? big dollar donors. this is where a lot of them live. he's holding his second fund-raiser in the last 24 hours. we know from multiple sources, myself and katy there on set, that he's raised at least $6 million last night in dallas, hoping to add to that haul today. he's got to catch up to the clinton cash machine. donald trump can say he doesn't need a ton of money for the general election, but when you look at what clinton is spending, where she's making new ad buys this week, donald trump clearly has ground to make up. what to make of the controversies, when you look at what his rally -- what happened at his rally last night, when you look at what's happened at his campaign events throughout this week, donald trump is very defiant and he seems to be, at least a little bit in denial. he's looking past some of the slipping poll numbers, he's insisting that he's popular with the lgbt community. he's insisting that he's the best with women, something he's
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been saying all along. poll numbers don't back that up. so trump hoping to potentially get a turnaround here in the next couple of weeks, guys. but you look at what's happening with the rnc, with the rest of the party, more and more high profile republicans coming out against him. people don't want to talk about him or they want to talk badly about him. it's an uphill battle for donald trump trying to turn the corner. and frankly, he doesn't care. his message to republican leaders, sit down, be quiet, or i'll do it all by myself. >> you took the words right out of my mouth. he has said he feels like he can do this on his own and that's the way he campaigned this entire time. he won the primaries by being himself, by raising almost no money and just dominating the headlines. and even though everybody in his world, from his aides, from people at the party, from party leadership, republicans, donors are saying, you need to change, you need to change, yelling at the top of their lungs.
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he's not hearing it, because ultimately donald trump is a successful businessman who thinks that his way is the best way. >> and the lessons out of the primary of course were that everybody who doubted him were wrong and he was right all the way along. but i do think that there some fundamental realities about running in a reaction that are going to pose a problem. organization and data, for example. jeff rowe, cruz's former campaign manager was out saying that alone is worth 2.5 points on a bad day, 5 points on a good day. and it's worth a ton to the down-ballot republicans who are really starting to freak out about what trump is going to mean at this point. because he's not doing any of that for himself or for them. >> when you look at the poll numbers, secretary clinton beating donald trump handily. it's still very early. it's only june, but 49% to 37%, according to one poll. 43% to 37%. steve, what do you make of these numbers?
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again, we're only in june. >> that is the thing. with donald trump, i'm trying to think back, it's basically a year since he got in the race. and how many moments of the course of that year, did we say, wow, donald trump has now entered new territory -- >> gone too far. >> yeah, he's gone too far. >> predicted his downfall. >> the nature of the race has changed. >> but the difference, steve, in those moments, he was up in the poll. >> not always. he started at 1% when he first got in. he had that first month where he surged to the lead. i was very interested, when he became the presumptive republican nominee, early may. i was interested in what that first month would look like for him. would he replicate in the general election when we saw at the start of the primary campaign, where he turned people around, his target audience. i think we've seen two things since may when he became the presumptive nominee. in the beginning, he started to. he took the lead over clinton in a few polls in may. drew even with her. so there was a while where i was
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starting to say, this guy is pulling it off. since then, it's gone in the opposite direction. but when you say there's still time, that's what i think of. there's two story lines. there's potential to pull even with hillary clinton. we've seen self-destructive potential. the question is, how much of what we're seeing now is permanent and irreversible? >> that's what caused republicans to decide, we're going to try to get on the trump train for a couple weeks in late may. at least we can win with him, we might win with him if we unite. now you're seeing deep backlash. the reality is, you cannot win a general election in america if 65% of women say they will never vote for you. you can't. >> the campaign believes he'll be able to convert them. this is why they believe he's good in front of donors and will be successful if he goes out and does it. he's very charming. and you know this, if you've interviewed him one-on-one, he can be very charming and he can work a room. so they believe when he focuses on one group of people that he can figure out a way to speak to them. i know hallie jackson is out there in houston, dieing to get in on this.
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hallie, what are your thoughts? >> reporter: i know, i wish i was at the table with you guys. i always enjoy seeing you in person. i just want to add to what you're talking about. when you talk to the campaign, they say, listen, there's still a window, there's still time. and that is reflective of what you hear from establishment republicans. there's a window, but it is closing between now and basically the start of the convention, is going to be absolutely pivotal for donald trump to show. when steve was talking about can he be charming or self-destructive, we are going to find out in the next month. trump himself telling "the new york times," maggie haberman, that he believes he's just getting started now. he's unconcerned about the slippage from the poll numbers and he's unconcerned about the potential repercussions down ballot, which is why you've been seeing george w. bush getting on the campaign trail for these vulnerable senators. thing is, wyes, donald trump is playing the same ball game that he played during the primaries, but he's doing it on a different
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playing field. >> the fact that he even acknowledged that he was down in the polls is a remarkable thing. i don't think any of us have heard him acknowledge this in the past, that he has an uphill battle to climb. that is some self-awareness that is completely unlike the candidate that we saw during the primaries. >> i think what is so pivotal about this moment, when you think back to 2012, remember how the obama campaign successfully defined mitt romney in these summer months. people are paying attention now. they'll go off to summer vacations and pay attention in the fall and that's why these months are so critical and pivotal. that's why the clinton campaign is aggressively putting a lot of money, more than $17 million into ads in battleground states, a lot of these are positive ads, talking about some of her accomplishments, hoping that will improve our unfavorable rating at 55%. >> right. it's very hard to find examples
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of things where the clinton campaign has gone wrong in the last ten days or so. but they still do have issues. her trustworthiness numbers, her overall favorablity numbers. this is still an unpopularity contest. one that she seems to be winning, but they do still have work to do. and it's interesting. this is it really a show of force, 17 plus million already we've seen in the battleground states for this first ad buy. >> and one of her challenges, bernie sanders, still technically in the race. let's listen to a clip from "morning joe." >> i'm going to ask you a question and it's a yes or no answer. is bernie sanders still running for president? yes or no? >> yes, he is. he is an active candidate for president. >> what do you make of that clip, steve? >> honest question, how much does it matter? in the final two weeks of that matter, how much energy was expended? how many democrats were panicking, saying, oh my god,
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bernie sanders is going to blow this whole thing up for us and i hate to say i told you so -- actually, i love to say i told you so. but we've been through this before. every obama supporter was saying hillary clinton is going to ruin this for us in the fall. it's just the nature of these campaigns, everybody is in battle mode until the very end, but then it ends and things change and things can be forgotten very quickly. >> what's interesting, both candidates are fighting with their own party in some sense at this moment. hillary clinton against bernie sanders. and donald trump against basically the entire republican party who is trying to figure out a way to deal with him. you're right, i don't think it matters too much for hillary clinton. she's going to find the co-al etion, is that a waord? >> it is now. >> she's going to find the party get behind her, but i think it's harder for donald trump right now, because he is having senators literally duck, dodge, weave, run from reporters,
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refuse to talk about it. but ultimately that might only matter on capitol hill. when you talk to folks going to the trump rallies, they have so little trust for who is in washington right now, that it doesn't necessarily matter. i know he needs them for organization, but in terms of the enthusiaiasenthusiasm, the s towards the capital, the less support he maintains on mainstre mainstream. >> i'm feeling that tension. it's like he's trying to figure out, do i have to give up too much of myself to make these republicans happy? or is it better to have them angry and be the independent guy? >> that's the internal debate he's having. but first breaking news out of orlando. nbc news has confirmed in the last few minutes, surveillance video from the inside of the pulse nightclub, taken the night of the shooting has been recovered. and much of the massacre was reportedly captured on that video. obviously not something we're
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going to throw on the screen. if and when it becomes public, we'll determine how to show that to you, but we want to get to justice correspondent pete williams who has the latest on this. pete? >> i doubt it's going to become public at all. if it's ever used in a trial, perhaps it would be used, but i would be very surprised if it's ever released. the fbi goes around and tries to get surveillance video and the obvious place is the club itself. the club did have a surveillance video system, it was on that night and it did capture a good deal of the shooting. so the fbi has that video. a couple of other things, kristin, we had reported earlier that omar mateen's wife had said she was with him when he bought some ammunition. we now know that that ammunition was not used in the shooting. it was 38 caliber ammunition. that would not have worked in either of the guns that were used in the shooting. it was have fit the revolver
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that he had in his van, but it was not used in the shooting. you may recall that some people in orlando had said they thought they received messages on gay dating apps from omar mateen. but we're told now that as authorities look through his cell phone, they have not found any gay dating apps on his phone. that doesn't mean that the apps were never there. but authorities have been skeptical of these claims because as they've talked to people who thought they got messages, they've turned out to be cases of mistaken identity. that's distinct from claims by people who say they thought they saw him in the pulse nightclub months before the shooting attack on several occasions. the fbi is not discounting those claims, however. kristin? >> pete williams tracking all of those breaking developments for us. pete, thank you. >> you bet. stay with us. we'll be right back. more "road warriors" after a quick break. hmmmmmm.....
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>> when i'm elected, i will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there's a proven history of terrorism against the united states, europe, our or allies, until we fully understand how to end these threats. after a full -- [ applause ] thank you. and by the way, we have no choice. she wants to take away americans' guns and then admit the very people who want to slaughter us. let them come into the country, we don't have guns, let them come in, let them have all the
1:18 pm
fun they want. >> inflammatory, anti-muslim rhetoric, and threatening to ban the families and friends of muslim americans, as well as millions of muslim business people and tourists from entering our country, hurts the vast majority of muslims who love freedom and hate terror. >> that was duelling speeches between hillary clinton and donald trump on monday in two battleground states, talking about the response to orlando and the gun debate has also been front and center in the response to orlando again. donald trump weighing in in an unusual way, siding with senate democrats when it comes to the gun debate, saying that those on the terror watch list or no-fly list should not be able to buy guns. this is unusual for a republican candidate to say this. the gop has been strongly
1:19 pm
against this idea, thinking that it would harm due process of law. because the folks that get put on that list are put on it without any due process, frankly. and so this was another reason why the republicans on the hill found it hard to defend him and were wondering who exactly their candidate was. but many senate democrats certainly pleased to hear that. >> we saw that striking filibuster in which they forced a compromise. of course there will be some votes on monday on key pieces of legislation that would bring about some of these new gun laws that you're talking about. the democrats politically found a way to weave together terrorism and guns, i think in a more effective way than they have in the past. but the question is, are these pieces of legislation actually going to pass? >> well, look, a key part of this is the speed with which this is moving. so i covered all of the gun legislation push after newtown, in a very day-to-day way.
1:20 pm
and the energy behind that push when it first started was palpable. there was a lot of emotion behind it, people were very drink. as time passed, as it was less of a front and center issue, it ultimately became a conversation that started about assault weapons and ended up over background checks and then even that failed. so i do think that talking to sources on the hill, it sounds like there's some room for compromise around what john cornin and diane feinstein have been working on, limiting the people on the no-fly list from being able to buy guns. the numbers have moved significantly in the wake of orlando, and it does cut with the republican voters who are important for the nra, because they care so much about terrorism and are worried about those threats. this is something that uniquely cuts both ways.
1:21 pm
>> let's talk about who is on the lists. there's 800,000 or so on the terror watch list and about 64,000 who are on the no-fly list. the fbi says only 2% of those are american citizens or permanent residents. this is a small number of people. though it might seem like there's so many who are going to get their gun rights taken away from them. it's frankly, just a fraction of the population. so when you wade into this, you have strong emotions on both sides, but it does seem to be obscured a little bit more on the right as to who actually this would affect. >> that's a good point. practically speaking, it's not impacting that mean people. but if that cornin compromise were to pass, that would be so significant. because even after newtown, expanded background checks didn't pass. and there's no indication it will issue but if they did -- >> even the nra would say, they don't want any terrorist to be getting a gun. the dispute here, it's a due process issue. the original democratic plan was look, if you're name is on this
1:22 pm
federal terror watch list, you're not getting a gun. the republicans are saying, well, look, and there are some civil libertarian types on the left who agree with this, who say, nobody knows how they ended up on this list. nobody got to go to court and say -- ted kennedy was on the list. so the republican plan, was if you want to buy a gun and the list, you get to go to court. so there's all this squabbling. but if a compromise does come out and if donald trump is in position next week to basically say, hey, i took the republican party to a more moderate place on guns, i do think it's interesting, because it gets to -- this is why i want to give this more time before saying trump is permanently, ir revokably behind in this race, he has a nose for issues of where the republican opinion is at odds with the majority. another opinion, medicare, social security, he's taken a much more moderate position on
1:23 pm
that than mitt romney -- >> but lgbt, which he's bringing up on the trail all the time, talking about their rights and issues and protecting them, which is an unusual thing to have a republican candidate in texas last night, talking about how we need to protect everybody who is lgbt in this country. and it was unusual to hear that crowd give a resounding cheer. this is why donald trump is so hard, as you said, to paint in a box and so hard to discount. because at any point he could make a pivot that changes the game. >> but know what it is? he has a really good sense for particularly republican politics in new york city. if you think about where this originates from. blue collar republicans here, there's to a certain extent gun culture, but not the way it is in much of the rest of rural america. he won with conservatives, the republican base and they're with him on this issue. if he loses those people because they think he's way out there on guns, then i'm curious as to who he has at all. >> it is interesting, you look at the raw politics of this, you
1:24 pm
could make an argument, if there's a logic to what trump's been doing, you go so hardline in the rhetoric, and in the posturing that when you move to the middle, you have gotten enough buy-in from those core groups that they let you go to the middle. in a way that somebody like romney couldn't. >> and if you listen to the polls, a majority of americans do favor stiffer gun legislation, whether it be expanded background checks, or making sure people on the no-fly list can't buy guns. >> and trump can see this. we were talking about bernie sanders, when does he get on board, does it matter when he gets on board. one of the reasons we say that, the sitting president, barack obama, has formed this alliance, a very tight public alliance with hillary clinton, they seem to be on the same page, they seem to be making strides together. we'll talk about the obama-clinton factor when we come back. ok team,
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welcome back to "road warriors," where earlier in the week, we got a glimpse of just how tightly coordinated hillary clinton and barack obama seem to be as this campaign unfolds. i was in cleveland with hillary clinton, listening to her give a speech in the wake of the orlando shooting, and was pretty surprised to hear that she and president obama were saying almost the exact same thing at the exact same time. >> so there's no magic to the phrase "radical islam." it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. and the reason i am careful about how i describe this threat has nothing to do with political correctness, and everything to do with actually defeating extremism. >> first, he is fixated on the
1:29 pm
words "radical islam." i must say i find this strange. is donald trump suggesting that there are magic words that once uttered will stop terrorists from coming after us? trump, as usual, is obsessed with name-calling and from my perspective, it matters what we do, not just what we say. >> you can see from the ticking time codes that they said those same words. clearly they were not able to coordinate down to the minute how these speeches would be given. but it's very clear there were a lot of conversations going on about how they should approach this. >> it seemed like they synced up their watches. >> it almost does. i was listening to the president in my ear, we had him live on msnbc and i'm thinking to myself, i started to get confused, which speech am i listening to, who's talking. >> this was a fascinating
1:30 pm
moment. remember, they were supposed to be on the campaign trail together in wisconsin. they had to cancel that trip because of orlando. but this is a president itching to get into this fight with donald trump, for him it's about protecting his legacy, defending secretary clinton. and it's personal for this president. donald trump went after him on the birther issue and he seemed to suggest he was in some ways implicated in the attack on orlando. that infuriated the white house, a lot of democrats as well. >> looking at obama get out there and get into this campaign a little bit, i think the main effect clearly is going to help unify democrats. all those concerns about sanders, would obama tear him apart, i think democrats are basically getting the message. obama's approval rating is up, over 50%. if you go back eight years or so, obama and clinton, there seems to be a rule in american
1:31 pm
politics, one has to be up and one has to be down. basically it means republicans pick a target. for a while, it's hillary clinton. her numbers were down. they liked obama. he became the president. they started liking clinton, and disliking obama. it goes back and forth. >> and they'll be very strategic about how and where they use president obama. he's not going to be everywhere. and the white house said, where is he going to be, he's going to be wherever brooklyn wents him to -- wants him to be. >> donald trump never had to go against a coordinated attack. not only hillary clinton outspending him by massive numbers, but jeb bush and ted cruz and the rest never figured out a way to go after donald trump together. they didn't find a way to message against him. >> they kept tripping over each other's heels and nobody could get out. the rest of the republican party could not get out of its own way in the face of donald trump.
1:32 pm
and hillary clinton is an entirely different and especially combined with barack obama. one thing we talked about in the republican race too is that this idea, none of them were bigger than trump. hillary clinton, plus barack obama on the same page, they have so many staffers in clinton world who have worked in the white house, they are in sync and on the same page. i think that's the other lesson that we learned over the course of the last week was that hillary clinton's campaign, while we weren't sure whether it was going to be too bureaucratic, too slow, not fast enough to respond to trump and his understanding of the eco-system on twitter, they've shown they've been able to pivot quickly and execute in a very professional way, from the white house, to brooklyn, and back again. >> the biggest challenge for president obama is going to be hue how to take him on without getting into the mud with him. so far they've done that by using his own words against him. >> i'm wondering, to the extent
1:33 pm
there's an over-arching strategy. you talk about the negative numbers for trump and clinton. trump at 70% negative, clinton at 55. is the thinking for donald trump i can bring my negative down lower, or is the thinking, i want to bring hers up closer to where mine is? >> the second. he wants to make her unfavorables as high as they possibly can be. he wants to paint her as someone who is untrustworthy, out for her own personal gain, and is going to be dangerous for this country, more so than he needs to pick up his unfavorables. they're targeting a small population of this country but it's one they think they can win with, if they're able to drive hillary clinton's numbers, her unfavorables higher. >> and after the break, we'll pick up on that point, donald trump with a 70% unfavorable rating, so just how jittery is the gop about those down-ballot
1:34 pm
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oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. >> this will affect the races in the senate and the house and everywhere. i ran in 2012. there were senate candidates making statements we didn't agree with and that affected our races. i can't imagine how it would be to have the top of the ticket, our standard bearer, our nominee, manominee making kind of statements so it's very troubled for those of us who are down ballot. i'm grateful that i'm not running this year. >> this is the major side story of this election. down ballot candidates, in case you guys at home don't know, are senators and congressmen running their own races in each of the states. usually they're helped very much by the top of the ticket,
1:38 pm
coordinated with the top of the ticket, when it comes to money,imoney, messaging, ground game, that is not happening now. donald trump isn't raising that much money at the moment. he's starting to do okay, but that money usually helps these down ballot races. messaging usually helps these down ballot races, they're having to distance themselves from donald trump and a lot of his more extreme rhetoric. and ground game, they don't have much of a ground game in many of these states. so the worry, as you well know is not necessarily does donald trump lose the white house, but republicans lose their majority in the house and the senate? and that potentially could be more devastating for the republican party than anything else. >> it's a question of whether or not they lose one important seat in the white house, or whether they -- the party is literally completely wiped out for the foreseeable future. that's kind of the line that the republicans in washington have been on. when trump first consolidated after he won indiana, there was
1:39 pm
a sense that okay, maybe we can win with this guy. we're definitely more likely to win with this guy than we are without him. that has really, i think, changed fundamentally. as we look ahead even to the convention, to cleveland, if there is going to be significant dissent, it's going to be the rest of the party saying we are about to get completely wiped out in november. >> i think the news that we learned today, the fact that former president george w. bush who really isn't very engaged in politics right now, getting back into the game. he's going to be out on the campaign trail with some of these senators who could be in trouble. he's been out with mccain and aot. he'll be out with johnson and portman. >> he went out with such high unfavorables, after the iraq war and the downturn in the economy. for him to come out, is a stunning turn. >> and trump ran against him and
1:40 pm
the family. >> the republican candidates in these swing states, i think it's impossible situation. kelly ayotte, new hampshire, swing state. perfect example. trump says something about the judge in indiana, and he's going to say things like that from here to november. when he does, she's put on the spot and has to say something. does she turn on him, then you appeal to the independent, moderate voters in the state, you need those to win in new hampshire? but who won in a landslide on the republican side? donald trump. you need them there too. she's got to alienate one group or the other. >> in new hampshire, and i've had conversations with a number of operatives out there, they do strongly believe ayotte is in a good place there. they're not totally worried about her. that might be just them trying to paint a pretty picture for a reporter, but that is it what they're -- is what they're talking about. the larger story, donald trump's
1:41 pm
relationship with the rnc. there's deep distrust between the party and donald trump, each one thinking that the other is only out for themselves, not necessarily out for the good of the party. hallie, have you been hearing any more on this today out in houston? >> reporter: yeah, i mean, listen, here's what the bottom line when it comes to that is this sense, right, that the campaign is simply not moving quickly enough to where the party wants it to be. that this is a process that in previous cycles has happened more seamlessly, more quickly, and this cycle has not. what you're hearing when you talk to sources inside both camps, it's nothing that potentially cannot be resolved, the key word being "potentially." it's why you're seeing the installation of ed burko wits, why brook riley is getting back involved. even though wiley was let go by the trump camp, that can help try to build some of these relationships and more importantly, you know this too, build the relationships with
1:42 pm
people out in the states to get that ground game going. because in the general election, that is key. when you talk about trump guys potentially being a drag down ballot, there's one central question to that, which is, what do you do if you are one of these vulnerable senators? i'll tell you what they have been doing. mostly hiding. not talking about donald trump. when confronted with his comments, they're not reacting to it unless they are forced to. if you are a democrat running against that vulnerable republican senator, what are you doing? you're coming out and talking about it as much as you possibly can, because you smell blood in the water. so it's a dynamic that's unfolding and you're seeing it all over. >> hallie, you were on capitol hill all week, trying to nail down each one of those senators to find out what they thought about donald trump's recent statements. mitch mcconnell stood in front of that room, that press conference and said, i'm not going to talk about donald trump. that is a remarkable turn of events. >> it's also striking what paul ryan said to chuck todd, who
1:43 pm
will be on "meet the press" on sunday. he said essentially, lawmakers should follow their conscience. he's clearly trying to give the down ballot races some cover. even as he says he's still supports donald trump. not risking his endorsement. >> what do you think about the use of the word "conscience"? >> this is the calculation trump has to make. he's looking at the energy he creates every time he steps into one of these arenas, and he's got 5,000, 10,000 people just whipped into a frenzy. and then he's looking at paul ryan saying, you gotta do what your conscience tells you to do. you got mitch mcconnell, what's it going to take, what do i have to give up that's getting these crowds so excited right now, to make somebody like paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, people who are drilled in the politics of playing it safe, what is it going to take me giving up to make them say, all right, this is the guy? is it going to be giving up what
1:44 pm
makes that crowd so excited? every time he stands in front of that crowd, maybe if his instincts are, maybe dial it being ba, you look at it, you feed off it, you can't help it. >> it's also just who he is. he is running as donald trump, he's not pivoting. it becomes an issue of dollars and cents. mitt romney in 2012 far out-paced him in terms of fundraising. was raising $100 million per month by some estimates and donald trump doesn't think he needs the money. >> my mike is down for some reason. part of the reason, donald trump gets a lot of media, he's in dallas and still in the national news. so the campaign believes they'll be okay. >> and that media is a problem for down ballot candidates like pat toomey who when asked about donald trump in the senate, told her colleague, absolutely
1:45 pm
nothing, the elevator doors closed. so his democratic opponent is calling him "elevator." [ laughter ] >> i hear it's hot, try not to melt out there, hallie jackson. we'll be back with what is going to be the hottest topic in politics, whether we like it or not, and that is the veepstakes. you're watching "road warriors." we'll be right back. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, ere the largest solar gafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energi the world. and in syracuse, whe imagination is inproduction. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at try duo fusion!ing antacids? new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds...
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game seven, sunday night in oakland. >> well, who saw this coming? the cleveland cavaliers, they were given up for dead, down 3-1. no one in nba history has ever come back from that deficit to win the nba championship. the cavs will have a chance, because they defeated the warriors last night. as you heard, it will be in oakland. that means game six was at quicken loans in cleveland. and what does that have to do with politics? that's the site of the republican national convention one month from today, i think, is when it kicks off. so as long as the cavs were playing, and that was their final home game last night, one more nba game, going to be in oakland. so they're done with the arena, but until last night, the republicans couldn't get -- >> i was out there almost a year ago talking to some cavaliers officials and others, doing a sister about cleveland, and they said, it will be fine. we'll have plenty of time to organize for the convention. they didn't want to say the cavs
1:50 pm
would make it, but turns out, it was worst case scenario for the rnc. >> they got a month now. anybody think the cavs are going to win this on sunday? >> all of a sudden, i thought we were watching espn. >> i love underdog stories. i love underdog stories in life. the warriors were 73-9, they looked like the most unstoppable team ever. and i love the idea of a goliath tripping up. >> any team with lebron james. [ all speak at once ] >> how can you call any team with lebron james the underdog? >> okay, here's the segue, you can't have a one-man team in a presidential race. you need two people on the ticket. that's the next big question now. who are trump and hillary going to fill that with? >> i think it's interesting. a lot of people, i wonder who may have been excited about that prospect several months ago now, maybe not so sure, someone like
1:51 pm
a john cornin, potential on the short list. >> it's the ultimate question. who would the candidate want, but the question this year with the republicans is, who would say yes? >> we thought it would be bob corker for a while. he went to trump tower, and met with him, which was so unusual. he was the sitting foreign relations chair, and to go to trump tower, he was the highest ranking official to do it. so his stock was really high for a while. but we've seen him in the past couple days come out and say he's very discouraged by this campaign, which takes him out of the running. newt gingrich is floating out there a lot. and steve, you got your money on? >> burn the tape if it's wrong, but replay it forever, scott brown. >> i haven't heard that before today. i like that idea. >> he's a strong trump supporter, we know that. he's a very -- his style of connecting with voters, i think, is very similar to donald trump. i think that question of who would say yes, i think brown is in that category.
1:52 pm
>> i think he would be safer tah trump the way he would want him to. and the speech that donald trump gave after orlando, i tried to ask him about idea what president obama might be sympathetic to terrorists, which is what donald trump had been saying the past couple days. and he patently refused to answer a question about that. he didn't brush it off. he just said, you're going to have to ask donald trump, which could be telling. >> and kasie, you picked chris christie, potentially? >> i think christie is clearly playing some sort of significant role behind the scenes still, and he has been willing to be out there front and center and i think that is really the main question. i think corker was in many ways a validator for trump. i think that's the challenge, can he find somebody who helps establish him as a credible, you know, someone who fights back against this attack that clinton has been leveling? >> and speaking about clinton, lot of names being tossed around, including elizabeth
1:53 pm
warren. let's take a look at a clip of her with rachel maddow. >> ed rendell, former pennsylvania governor said recently you were not in any way, shape or form ready to be commander in chief. i want to know if you think you could be. >> yes, i do. >> so they've not reached out and begun vetting you? >> the only role i'm playing is trying to reach virginia and that's good enough for me. >> it's flattering, but i'm not being vetted. >> nobody's asking you for your fortunate personal data and tax returns. >> only when i get asked for my credit card number when i'm trying to buy lunch. >> tim cane still the name i hear. kasie, what about you? >> i also think this visit from elizabeth warren to headquarters has gotten no small amount of attention. >> she was there today.
1:54 pm
>> i think that to a certain extent want chatter about warren is probably a little bit overblown, only because she's such a sort of headline grabber in her own right, but i do think that the shifting dynamic and the unification of the party could potentially -- this would allow them to bring those progressives into the fold. >> and she's proved to be such an effective attack dog. >> if i'm right on scott brown, and elizabeth warren, we've got a rematch. >> that's right. >> after the break, we'll go to our final thoughts and an appearance from my personal hero. that's all i'm going to give you. you're gonna love it. stay with us. [ guitar playing ]
1:55 pm
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>> let me just tell you that this has been such a great school. it's been fantastic. >> they have given us the skills we need to get to sixth grade, and seventh grade, and eighth grade and now we're going to take those skills and apply them to high school! >> as far as schools go, tms is in the top one-half of one-half of 1% of schools in the entire country! thank you all so much, congratulations! >> an eighth grader at thomas middle school, becoming katy tur's own personal hero. you got to watch the whole clip. it's like five minutes. >> it's fantastic. we recommend the entire thing. a final thought on bernie sanders and his campaign. he isn't conceding, it's not
1:59 pm
clear if he's wasting his leverage or not, but he's accomplished so much. in particular, reorganizing the way you can fund raise for a campaign. all of those small donations, out-raising hillary clinton. >> and a final thought for him, he's going to scotland next week. >> and you're going to have a great trip. >> absolutely. >> hillary clinton has had a strong stretch. can he keep it up? next tuesday she'll be in ohio delivering a speech and using it to hit donald trump. >> my final thought is about game 7 -- no, i loved it. on the trump topic, if things calm down for him somehow and we start seeing polls where it's razor thin again between him and hillary clinton, we'll be hearing very different things from the republicans. he's never more than a few good polls away from having republicans start to say nice things about him again.
2:00 pm
that's going to do it for this special edition of the "road warriors." thanks, everybody, for joining us and "mtp daily" is coming up now. ♪ >> if it's friday, speaker paul ryan is letting republicans off the hook on trump. while a new effort takes shape to give trump the hook at the convention. it's "mtp daily" and it starts right now. >> good evening, i'm chuck todd here in washington and happy friday. welcome to "mtp daily." gop closes out another week and boy, it was another bad week for the party of lincoln. we're on the verge of it becoming every republican for himself inside the party. paul ryan, the republican speaker of the hse


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